Traditional Tok Sen & Origins of Chi Nei Tsang

in Brussels

with Nataša Kovač

26 - 28  of February 2021 in Brussels (Belgium)



26th of February 2021

10h - 16h  Tok Sen & taoist selfhealing practices 

16h - 18h  Chi Nei Tsang introduction: theory and practice

27th of February 2021

10h - 16h   Tok Sen & toist selfhealing practices

 16h- 18h   Chi Nei Tsang introduction:  theory and practice

28th of March  

10h  - 16h   Tok Sen & taoist selfhealing practises

We will also practice qi gong and  taoist meditations.

The workshop is for  beginners and for those who would like to refresh the knowlage. 

After completion of the course,  you  will receive  an Attendance Certificate for Tok Sen - Chi Nei Tsang III, for Universal Healing Tao System, Master Mantak Chia's school. 

Training will be in English and translated into French.   

TOK SEN (Chi Nei Tsang Healing Harmony) with Nataša Kovač

Tok Sen means take off energy lines in Thai; it is a technique to clear blocked energy. It uses mechanical and sound vibration, working deeply through the fascia and muscles. This unique healing technique is found in the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand (Lanna). Tok Sen is thought to date back over 5000 years, and developed in Lanna while acupuncture developed in China. It is an energetic healing technique, and is still practiced in the country areas.

Tok Sen helps to improve energy flow and relieves aching muscles.Tok Sen is a therapeutic bodywork for myofascial pains. By tapping the body (using the wooden “hammer” and “pestles”) vibrations are sent through the nerves, muscles, and fascia to treat muscle and tendon pain. A light “hammering” with varying degrees of contacts  to the different regions of the body. The vibrations, if done in the proper manner, provide benefits to the different areas of the body. When done properly, they make the tendons and muscles feel more alive because they are repaired and rejuvenated. It is not just the tapping that is important, but also the “tempo” that is used. In most case the tempo is three beats; one, two, three and again one, two, three. The different hammers and pestles are used in different areas of the body. Furthermore, one’s fingers can get tired and sore with extended use. If they become tired, they are less likely to provide the necessary treatment. The fingers, however, must be used to touch an area and see whether it is in need of additional Tok Sen treatment.

It is possible, just as in a traditional massage; to do some of the work to one’s self. Of course some areas are unreachable and another person is needed.

Tok Sen Benefits

Just a few of the advantages of this ancient Thai/Chinese treatment are increased circulation, relief from stiff and tight muscles, improvement of nerve functions and many others. The main function of this treatment relates to the tendons and specifically the muscle-tendon meridians. Proper treatment entails using the special wooden tools to vibrate the appropriate areas on the body. This is because there can be blockages in the meridians. The vibrations of the tendons, when done correctly, loosen both the tendons and the muscles. This also improves the blood circulation.

There is a saying: “Young tendons – young and healthy body”; as when the tendons are flexible, the bone structure is smooth, the muscles are flexible and do not press on arteries, veins, lymphatic strings, nerves, and meridians. This allows all layers of body to be nourished properly and therefore function properly. Harmonizing the wisdom of the two ancient Chinese and Lanna (from Norhern Thailand) cultures creates a unique technique that stimulates organs, muscles, tendons and meridian lines in the body for radiant health and well-being. 

Treatment of the entire body is one of the best forms of maintenance. This has been established through centuries of application. The importance of healthy tendons is clear by the fact that we use them so much. A healthy body always involves the tendons. This is because, while the tendons in the joints, for example, are important, treating them eventually impacts the organ tendons. Indeed, this therapy and maintenance has a positive influence on virtually every part and function of the body.

Increases blood circulation. Better circulation nourishes tendons and releases blocked energy more quickly.

Relaxes muscles: tight muscles will squeeze capillaries which will decrease blood circulation to muscles and cause muscle soreness.

Stimulate peripheral nerves. These nerves run parallel with capillaries. Every time we hammer, vibrations will nourish capillaries and peripheral nerve, which can stimulate muscles as well.

 Releases pain from many causes:

Headaches from nerve problem, migraines, brain degeneration, blurred vision and hearing loss

Shoulder pain, neck sprain, shoulder tendon tightness, immobile arm

Shortened tendon that can compress the joints, back muscle tightness, scapular problem and back pain

Lower back pain, spinal cord inflammation, difficulty bending trunk easily

Lumbar pain and nerve compression

Thigh pain, hamstring muscle tightness, and patella dislocation

Calf pain, sole pain, and numbness

Arm pain, elbow pain, arm numbness and hand numbness

Nataša Kovač

is certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor (school of Master Mantak Chia), teacher and practicioner  of Chi Nei Tsang 1, 2 and 3 (Tok Sen).

Workshop Instruction rates

Tok Sen & CNT - 390€

Tok Sen tools set - 65€

Lunches, snacks and beverages are included into the price.

To book the place the deposit of 100 EUR must be paid on Pure Tao Connection account (the communication: your name +  TokSen&CNT). 

IBAN BE87 0689 0605 4694


Accommodation and lunch

Possible accommodation at Chant d'Oiseau: 35€ - 45 € per night full board.


The deposit is not refundable.

Remember to bring a yoga mat, wear loose and loose clothing. For the Tok Sen also bring some massage oil and a blanket, please.


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“Young tendons – young and healthy body”

Self massage with Tok Sen

Even master needs sometimes help :-)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Wrist Application

Cupping neck. We had a lot of fun with Master Mantak Chia, as always. 

Chi Nei Tsang 1

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