Healing Love - Secrets of Female and Male Energy & AMDOR (Organ Breathing Massage)

 taught by Aisha Sieburth,  Anne Marie Marty, Martin Rebry and Nataša Kovač

4 - 7 October 2018 at Chant d’Oiseau, Brussels


Reconnect the body, soul and spirit!

Learn the sacred arts of inner sexual energy alchemy and awaken the BREATH of Life essential for health, vitality and sexual happiness. With special breathing techniques to open each energy level and improve circulation, each of the 4 diaphragms unfold to revitalize and detoxify the organs. Healing Love secrets of energy alchemy amplify a fuller orgasmic experience for improved cellular rejuvenation and transcendent love making to transform stress into vitality.



Thursday 4 October – AMDOR Training and Evaluation with Anne Marie

9h30 – 16h30 AMDOR -Training/Evaluation

17h - 19h Evening Class– Energy Massage for singles and couples with Nataša 

20h - 21h AMDOR individual Training/Evaluation & Certification

 Friday 5 October – AMDOR Training and Evaluation with Anne Marie

9h30 – 16h30 AMDOR - Training/Evaluation & Certification

17h- 19h Evening Class - Stem Cell Qi Gong /Bamboo Hitters with Aisha

20h - 21h  Six Healing Sounds Practice with Anne Marie or if nedded - AMDOR Certification

Saturday 6 October - Healing Love: Secrets of Female and Male Energy  with Aisha and Martin

9h30 – 12h30 Basics & Secrets of Female and Male Energy & 9 Flowers

14h - 16h30 Qi Gong Sieste & Self Massage & Moon Orbit

17h- 18h30 Evening Class - Jade Egg for awakening Female Energy with Aisha

                                                Male Exercices for awakening Male Energy with Martin

20h - 21h Inner Smile Practice with Anne Marie  


Sunday 7 October – Healing Love:  Secrets of Female and Male Energy  with Aisha and Martin

9h30 – 12h30 Ovarin/Testicle Breathing & Secrets Energy

14h - 16h Qi Gong Sieste & Healing Love & Microcosmic Orbite

Special Tai Chi Class 16h30 - 20h30


In English and French  

Healing Love  – Secrets of Female and Male Energy with Aisha and Martin

Sexual organs and the kidneys store part of the Jing, the essence of the primordial force. Learn how to conserve and store it. More sexual energy will help to attract and multiply the primordial chi. Men learn how to control ejaculation and to transform the sexual energy into Chi (life force) and then transform it up to spirit force. Women learn how to control menstruation and transform the blood into chi and likewise transform it up to spirit force. Eventually, there will be less blood lost and more will be converted into chi.

Men and women have different sexual energies – and too often this leads to disharmony, preventing us from fully exploring our sexual potential. By harnessing the power of an ancient tradition of sexual wisdom you and your partner can learn to use physical and psychological techniques to experience the bliss of a whole body sexual experience with orgasm after orgasm. 

The art that has evolved over centuries of Taoist understanding can be brought to life again today to further expand the healing power for lovers. Couples will find and increase their sexual energy potential, and deepen their physical compatibility, as well as develop an ecstatic form of acupressure. Sexuality taught as a way for health and healing, spiritual growth and longevity.



 Female Sexual Alchemy

Women lose little sexual energy through orgasm, but instead lose it primarily through menstruation and childbearing. The sexual guidance and exercises presented are being introduced plainly to the Western public for the first time. For thousands of years Taoist masters taught these secrets only to very small numbers of people in the royal courts and in esoteric circles, who were sworn to silence. Master Chia presents three main practices that women can use to cultivate and enhance their sexual energy: the Ovarian Breathing, Breast Massage and the Orgasmic Upward Draw. When this practice is mastered one can experience a total body orgasm that is beyond ordinary vaginal orgasm without losing life-force energy. A series of exercises with a jade or stone egg is used to strengthen the urogenital and pelvic diaphragm, the muscles of the vagina and the glands, tendons and nervous system. The practice can shorten menstruation, reduce cramps and compress more life force energy (Chi) into the ovaries for more sexual and creative power.

These exercises lend themselves to titters by the uninformed, but in fact have been successfully practiced for thousands of years to enhance the potency and pleasure of the woman fortunate enough to know about them.

Male Sexual Alchemy

Although the principle of conservation applies to both men and women, the actual practice of conserving Ching Chi differs. In studying the nature of sex, Taoist masters found that the main way men lose Ching Chi is through ejaculation, and developed a way to control and use sexual energy through the practice of Testicle Breathing, Power Lock and the Orgasmic Upward Draw. By learning to separate orgasm and ejaculation – two distinct physical processes – men can transform a momentary release into countless peaks of whole body orgasms without losing an erection. In addition to becoming better sexual partners, multi-orgasmic men enjoy increased vitality and longevity because they minimize the fatigue and depletion that follow ejaculation -without celibacy! Cultivating, conserving, redirecting and circulation of the generative force from the sexual organs to higher centers of the body invigorates and rejuvenates all the vital functions and activates the higher forces. The exchange and balancing of male and female energies is also examined, within the body and with one’s partner.

Jade Egg for awakening Female Energy with Aisha

The use of a stone or Jade Egg to strengthen the vagina is a practice that evolved in ancient China. As time went on, the secret of this practice remained in the Royal Palace and was taught only to the queen and concubines. Many who mastered the technique experienced very good health, remaining young and bountiful, with sexual organs in old age as tight and resilient as those of a young, unmarried lady. Some believe that the queen and concubines practiced the technique in order to please the king while making love. Originally, however the Egg Exercise and Vaginal Weight Lifting were implemented for improving health, both physically and spiritually, since these exercises provide more power to the Chi (Pubo-coccygeus or PC muscle) Muscle to lift the sexual energy inward and upward where it will be transformed into higher spiritual energy.
The egg is a marvelous way to strengthen and control the Chi Muscle. It is easier to practice control of this muscle with an egg in the vagina since, as the egg moves, you can feel the direction in which the Chi Muscle moves more distinctly. Controlling this voluntary muscle means control of the many involuntary muscles in this area as well. Also, as you master the use of this muscle of the vagina and perineum, you simultaneously tone up the lower abdomen. Thus, your performance sexual performance greatly improves, and the flow of sexual hormones increases.
When the Chi Muscle and diaphragms are loose, Chi pressure will leak out from the organs as they stack upon each other, dropping all their weight to rest upon the perineum. When strong, the muscle and the diaphragm function as seals, preventing leakage of life-force and sexual energies.

Stemm Cell Qi Gong/Bamboo Hitter with Aisha

More than 5000 years the Taoist Masters discovered that our body has a marvelous regenerating, repairing & rebuilding power. By gentle and gradually applying hitting on the body parts and vital organs, the old, sick and damaged cells will be completely broken up and fall out. The body will then send its resources to repair them, but only when damage occurs. The bodies send its own Stem Cells to repair and regenerate the skin, organs, glands and all the body parts.

"Stem cells have been found in a wide variety of adult tissues including the brain, liver, pancreas, and bone marrow. Already, researchers have coaxed stem cells from adult bone marrow into becoming nerve cells that could treat conditions ranging from paralysis to Alzheimer's disease. 

AMDOR - Organ Breathing Massage with Anne Marie Marty  

AMDOR (= Auto Massage Des Organes par la Respiration) is a name & technique registered by Anne Marie Marty. She designed this respiratory massage from Master Chia’s and Roger Fiammetti’s works.  

Thanks to R Fiammetti’s video «Respire» and to his book «La Respiration Pour Tous» we learn that our body comprises 4 diaphragms that are linked with the same tissue so consequently they work together. A baby, till the age of 2, breathes with its complete body, using the 4 diaphragms. Then, due to our standing up position, we have limited our breathing to the upper part of the chest and this is emphasized with stress and emotions. In fact when we speak of diaphragms people think of the thoracic diaphragm and ignore the other 3. (Yet, all of us have a pelvic diaphragm, a thoracic diaphragm, a throat diaphragm and a cranial diaphragm.)

This technique will 

  • activate the 4 diaphragms so they will become more flexible and increase the length of their movements. This enhances the respiratory capacity of the lungs, and the exchange between carbon dioxide & oxygen . 
  • mobilize the organs & the viscera while massaging them in order to release the blockages of energy, to stimulate the flow of Qi which increases the flux of blood and lymph. Therefore the organs relax, get more flexible, release toxins and they get energized thanks to the increased flow of qi and body liquids. 
  • stretch the muscular tendons of the chest & abdomen (intercostal, abdominal and psoas muscles) in order to release the toxins they store. 
  • suppress knots, tensions related to stress & emotions. The blockages of energy are responsible for swollen belly, constipation, pains and other ailments, which will disappear triggering more flux of fluids and qi in the organs. 
  • calm the mind, relax the body and provide you with a feeling of unity and well-being. 

Practitioners of Chi Nei Tsang or any other body worker can include AMDOR into their sessions, and everybody can practice on their own body.

Tai Chi Chi Kung I with Aisha

Taoists developed Tai Chi as a martial art and a way to cultivate the physical body, energy body, and spirit body. Like all Taoist exercises, its main purpose is to form a connection to the basic energy that is the foundation of all life: Chi. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, Tai Chi was considered a secret practice that was passed down only within a closely knit structure of family and loyal disciples. Despite its widespread growth in popularity as a martial art and health exercise, many of its underlying internal practices remain unknown.
With Aisha Sieburth we will explore the deep, internal work necessary for the effective practice of tai chi for practitioners at every level. She will guide us step-by-step for mastering the 13 forms of early Yang-style tai chi, also known as Tai Chi Chi Kung.

About training performers: 

Aisha Sieburth is a senior instructor of the Universal Healing Tao system, Chiang Mai, Thailand. She lives and works in Avignon, France, as director of the School of the Tao of Vitality and Soulimet Association, which she founded in 1998 to bridge Eastern and Western approaches of ancestral healing arts and contemporary methods. 

Aisha Sieburth , born in Boston, USA, holding a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Human Science from Tufts University, she continues her research and artistic creations to develop the link between the ancient healing arts and modern-day perspectives. 

Since early childhood, when Aisha was initiated to the traditional arts of meditation, healing bodywork, and classical dance in Japan, India, and Europe, she has followed the path of unifying the spirit through energy work from within the body. With much gratitude to her many teachers and to Master Chia, her travels continue throughout Asia and Europe, teaching and training in the Universal Healing Tao system, Chinese and Thai medicine, and Kung Fu Wushu combined with kinesthetic anatomy for movement and her passion as a dancer and artist. As a teacher and practitioner of Taoist energy work and Chi Nei Tsang, her workshops are the fruit of her experience offering a holistic approach for self-healing through energy consciousness, meditation, and movement inspired by the practices of ancient Taoist Inner Alchemy, Internal martial arts, and Chi Nei Tsang. 

More about Aisha










Anne Marie Marty

is a certified instructor of the Universal Healing Tao system. After her graduation in English, Anne Marie taught all ranges of people for long years. When she retired, she discovered Master Zhou Jing Hong and learned Zhi Neng Qi Gong. She worked with this master and did English translations for him. Then at the end of 2012 she met Master Mantak Chia and decided on the spot to work and learn with him. Ever since she has translated his workshops in Paris, Brussels and his Winter retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thus she learned the Taoist concepts and practices. She is a practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang, and Tok Sen. She designed a self massage to release tensions in the organs, a method named AMDOR or Organ Breathing Massage. She teaches Zhi Neng Qi Gong and the basic Tao practices.




Workshop Instruction rates

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Evening Class only 30 EUR

Tai Chi 50 EUR/30 EUR (for participants of Healing Love & AMDOR workshop)

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Cancellation Policy

We reimburse you the amount paid minus 20% of the course fee until a week before course starts and after that, but before course starts, minus 50% of the course fee. No reimbursement possible once the course has started.

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket with you, and wear loose fitting clothes.

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