Taoist Secrets of Sexuality & Bone Marrow Nei Gong (Iron Shirt 3)

with  Olivier Barré  (assistent Nataša Kovač)

June 8-10 (from 9.30h-17.30h) in Brussels

P r o g r a m
*Workshop will be taught in English and  French

First day, morning:  

  • 5 exercices from the Xin Yi Nei Gong set from Master Wang Ji Wu to open meridians and fascias in all the body and make the qi flow
  • Inner smile 
  • 6 healing sounds 
  • Microcosmic orbit with closing the 3 yin gates and turning the water wheel 

First  day, afternoon: 

  • Ovarian & Testicle Breathing 
  • Ovarian & Testicle Compression 

First day, evening:

  • 45 mn more for men : specific genital exercises 

2nd day, morning :

  • 5 other exercices from the Xin Yi Nei Gong set from Master Wang Ji Wu 
  • Revision of the first day 
  • Deer exercise for women & men 
  • How to control the menstruation 
  • Power lock & how to control ejaculation for men 
  • Differentiation between orgasm and ejaculation 

2nd day, afternoon 

  • Big upward draw 
  • How to become mulitorgasmic man or woman 
  • Hormonal breast massage 
  • How to exchange energy with our partner 

2nd day, evnining

  • 45 mn more for women egg exercise


3rd day

  • 5 other exercices from the Xin Yi Nei Gong set from Master Wang Ji Wu 
  • Bone marrow nei gong 
  • Bone breathing and qi weight lifting

About training performer

This workshop is suitable for beginners or for those who wish to deepen their practice. It is taught by the well renowned Senior Instructor Olivier Barré from France. Olivier has over 20 years experience with Universal Healing Tao system. He assists Master Mantak Chia in transmitting the teachings in the Tao Garden in Thailand and at his workshops in France,  Ireland and Brussels.  Olivier is also a practitioner of Chinese medicine using herbs, acupuncture and massage, integrating his extensive knowledge into how he teaches.

More about Olivier:





Assistent - Nataša Kovač

is certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor (school of Master Mantak Chia), a practicioner and teacher of Chi Nei Tsang 1, 2 and 3 (Tok Sen). 







Workshop Instruction rates

per day                   115€

all 3 days                345€   

Lunches are included in the price.

"Let me know your preferencies: vegi or meat." (Nataša)

To book the place the deposit of 100 EUR must be paid on Pure Tao Connection account (the communication: your name +  TaoistSecrets)

IBAN BE87 0689 0605 4694



Possible accommodation at Chant d'Oiseau: 45 € per night with meals. Please, book as soon as possible by sending an email to Nataša (natkova@hotmail.com)

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