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Deepening our Enjoyment of Life 

Primordial Chi Kung is an internal, moving form that draws the essence of the five elements and yin yang from all directions and dimensions into our centre before blending them together into neutral, primordial, yuan qi. 

We practice the form inside a bagua (octagon), that resonates with the 8 forces of water, fire, thunder, lake, earth, mountain, wind and heaven within the matrix of the 7 directions north, south, east, west, above, below and within. 

We can say: in front of us is the future, behind us the past and so our space is the present moment. Our masculine, yang side is to our left: our feminine, yin side to our right and in our centre we are both. Above us is heaven, below us earth and we are centred in this space between heaven and earth. We manifest the form from this 7th direction, our centre in this present moment between past -- future, masculine – feminine and heaven – earth. 

The slow, spiraling, drawing in, internal movements of the form are expressed from this deep, now space, where there are no thoughts and no emotions. 

We invite balance and harmony into all dimensions of our being and all dimensions of our life. 

We build up a lot of neutral force, a lot of magical yuan qi in the core of our being. 

We resonate with earth qualities of balance, harmony, fairness, openness and trust; mmmmm.

*Workshop will be taught in English and translated into French


Hidden inside nature are mysterious and powerful forces.In ancient China, shamans observed that the life force flowing in nature – in the mountains, waterfalls and oceans – was the same life force flowing in human nature, in its body, mind, and spirit. 

An early shamanic alchemist called Chang Sang Fong created a chi kung form that later became famous as Tai Chi Chuan, extremely useful for self-defence. He also created a special form called WujiGong that was mostly kept secret, but was preserved through a lineage of shaman alchemists. 

The magical, graceful movements of this form are designed to gather the chi of life force from the four cardinal directions, from Mother Earth below, and from the Star Father of Heaven above. This chi, when in the body, connects us to the deepest centre of our being, known as Wuji. Wuji literally means supreme unknown, also translated as the primordial or the divine space from which all creation arises. In western terms the Wuji is the godhead from which the primordial powers of nature flow. 

The Tao shamans did not consider that the centre of the universe was above our head but that it was deep inside our body. We invite balance and harmony into all dimensions of our being and all dimensions of our life. We build up a lot of neutral force, a lot of yuan qi. We resonate with the earth qualities of balance, harmony, fairness, openness and trust. 

Primordial Chi Kung is a magical, graceful form and an extremely healing experience that takes us deeply into our own Primordial Essence. 

Workshop Instruction rates

2 days 160*/ 180 EUR (places limited)

Daily rate 90*/ 100  EUR

*early bird registration by October 15 2017 & unemployment

To book the place the fee must be paid on Pure Tao Connection account (the communication: your name + Primordial Chi Kung 25-26)

IBAN BE87 0689 0605 4694


Cancellation Policy

We reimburse you amount paid minus 50 % until a week before course starts. No reimbursement after.

Cost includes

  • one year membership for Pure Tao Connection, short movie, a substantial pdf and mp3 meditation 
  • 5 element breathing 
  • iron shirt structure 
  • earth and star rooting 
  • shamanic journeying 
  • tendon meridian stretches 
  • 7 directional toning 
  • primordial chi kung / wuji gong form

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