Detox your Body and Emotions with Chi Nei Tsang I & II Massage

Jutta Kellenberger

26-31 October 2018 in Brussels, Belgium


26 - 28 October 2018  09.30 -18h   Chi Nei Tsang I (with Certification)  

                                                          & including self massage training and demonstration of Microcurrent

29 - 31 October 2018 09.30 - 18h  Chi Nei Tsang II (with Certification)

                                                          & demonstration of Tok Sen (CNT III)

Chi Nei Tsang I with certification - theory and practice

For CNT we recommend that you eat lighter, easily digestible food for a few days before and during the course as this is work on the abdomen, this is an excellent time for de-tox but not fasting. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate allowing them to begin collecting case studies to eventually apply to become a CNT 1 practitioner.

Chi Nei Tsang Self Massage

We will learn about Chi Nei Tsang, the abdominal chi massage, and we’ll specifically learn techniques that you can use on yourself for self-healing. We will review how to use these techniques for general health, detox and specific ailments and symptoms. I welcome all students who are interested in learning more about energy cultivation, self-healing and the internal organ massage. 

Chi Nei Tsang Microcurrent 

CNT Microcurrent is a powerful and innovative healing technique developed by Master Mantak Chia in Tao Garden, Thailand in 2016. A state of the art combination of Microcurrent Electrical Therapy and ancient Taoist Chi Nei Tsang Energy Massage is a unique, holistic approach of ancient knowledge and modern technology which brings a whole new dimension to Energy Medicine evolving in the world today. 

Microcurrent is a low amperage, pulsating current of electricity with a frequency just above the levels of the bio-electricity produced in the cells of the human body. Since this frequency is very similar to the electrical level of the body’s cells, microcurrent is easily absorbed and used by the body to boost its own healing process. Efficiently regenerating the central nervous system and support the major energy meridians of the body, CNT Microcurrent addresses the most important communication systems of the body and brain to increase energy levels and circulation, relieve pain and restore optimum health. It brings a deeply relaxing and energizing experience that regenerates the entire nervous system, supports muscle-tendon recuperation, enhances blood flow while eliminating toxins and reducing inflammation, acute or chronic pain. It gently restores microcirculation of the vessels, tissues and cells, regenerating the nerves and organs, balancing hormonal function and pH in the blood. 

This is a uniquely modern Universal Healing Tao Signature Treatment, a highly efficient technique for all people looking for better understanding of Energy Medicine self-healing methods and practitioners looking to learn new tools for improving effectiveness in their work. 

In a short demonstration Jutta Kellenberger will show students how to use CNT Microcurrent.

Chi Nei Tsang II, Chasing the Winds with certification

Chi Nei Tsang II expands on the first CNT course focusing on techniques to release “trapped sick winds,” which can be stored and cause problems anywhere in the body, from TMJ in the jaw to heart problems to varicose veins in the legs. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate allowing them to begin collecting case studies to eventually apply to become a CNT 2 practitioner.                                                               

Tok Sen

Tok Sen is part of the Chi Nei Tsang practices, learn more how this gentle treatment with traditional wooden tools can improve body health and tackle problems which other body work cannot.  Nataša has been using Tok Sen in her CNT treatments for some years.

About teacher

»I became a student of Taoist Master Mantak Chia’s in 1987 and I’ve been committed to advancing myself in the Taoist energy practices since then.

In 1990, I became an instructor to begin teaching the Universal Healing Tao system in Germany and Switzerland. Later I moved to Thailand to live, work and teach at Master  Chia’s centre, the Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort.

By 2001, I became a Senior Instructor teaching many levels and forms of the energy practices, including much of what I teach today - different Chi Kung and Tai Chi forms, Healing Love practices for women and men, Fusion of the five Elements and Kan & Li. These are the highest meditations of inner alchemy. In addition, I taught the technique of cosmic healing and Chi Nei Tsang I, II and III massage training.

In 2010, I was appointed global head of business for Chi Nei Tsang. Since then, I manage, under Master Chia, and with a team of senior teachers, the curriculum that is taught about Chi Nei Tsang around the world.

I really like to teach and I am happy when I can inspire others to learn these old practices as well. Practicing the Tao becomes a lifestyle as it affects every part of life.

I am delighted to teach the various disciplines of the Universal Healing Tao throughout the world. This energy has completely changed my life and my understanding of spirituality.«


Jutta Kellenberger

Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor

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Workshop Instruction Rate

CNT I            325*/350€

CNT II           325*/350€

CNT I & II      605*/650€

1 day CNT     100*/120€

 *concessions fee – job-seekers & students and ‘early bird’ until end of August.  

To book the place the deposit of 200 EUR must be paid on Pure Tao Connection account (the communication: your name + CNT1&2)

IBAN BE87 0689 0605 4694


Please bring a yoga mat with you, and wear loose fitting clothes. For CNT also bring some massage oil and blanket.

Jutta teaches in English and the whole class will be translated ‘live’ into French

Accommodation, lunch

Accommodation possible in Chant d’Oiseau: 50€ per night, all meals included.  Lunch also possible at venue 14€.  Book both with Nataša.

Cancellation Policy

We reimburse you the amount paid minus 20 % of the course fee until a week before course starts and after that, but before course starts, minus 50 % of the course fee. No reimbursement possible once the course has started.

Information and Registration

+32 497 53 37 04 Nataša


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