Taoist Healing Arts                

Chi Nei Tsang I Massage  

 24 - 26 February 2023           

in Brussels, Belgium

Nataša Kovač, Senior Teacher of  Universal Healing Tao - Master Mantak Chia's sistem 


24 - 26 February 2023  09.00  - 18.00  Chi Nei Tsang I with Certification


Chi Nei Tsang I -  taoist, internal organ massage 

In the Chi Nei Tsang I workshop, we learn the massage methods to release knots and tangles from the intestine. Chi, life-force energy, moves through the body’s internal channels, nervous system, blood vessels and lymphatic glands. These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen which acts as their control center. 

Tensions, worries, and stresses of the day, month or year accumulate there and are seldom dispersed. These disturbances can cause physical tangling and knotting of the nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes. The result is the gradual obstruction of energy circulation, and therefore, all the vital energy functions strain, slowly weaken the internal organs and decrease energy. As a result, disease and many unwanted symptoms can begin to develop throughout the mind and body.

Chi Nei Tsang is a Chinese term for the internal organ Chi massage that helps clear out toxins, bad emotions and excessive heat or heat deficiencies that cause the organs to dysfunction.

The massage techniques we learn at this workshop promote healing by massaging directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal area where stress, tension and negative emotions accumulate and congest.

People often ask if this course is just for massage therapists or other alternative healers.

This workshop is for all:  all Tao students who are interested in advancing to another level of spiritual and practical development, as well as those who would like to become practitioners to enhance their massage or medicinal trade. The courses give you the opportunity to learn more about your own body and how to heal yourself as well as how to help others whether it be family, friends or clients.

In addition to improving overall health and vitality, Chi Nei Tsang I Massage can help with:

Digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and constipation
Detox through elimination of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and promoting lymphatic drainage
Releasing various pain and tension including neck and related headache pain and lower back pain or issues with the sciatic nerve
Alleviating asthma symptoms
Improving circulation and cardiovascular health
Women’s health conditions including endometriosis and menstrual problems
Men’s health conditions including infertility and impotence

Benefits students experience during the workshop:

Learn effective massage techniques and an Eastern medicine perspective of healing of oneself and assisting others in their healing.
Detox – Because we practice the massage techniques on each other throughout the workshop, you will receive the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang massage with physical and emotional detox.
As a result, you may experience: increased energy and positivity, relaxation and stress relief, a stronger connection to spirituality and possibly a release of negative emotions or experiences.
Participants often report that they feel a great relief of heaviness or emotional burden and many also experience relief of pre-existing physical discomfort or pain.

We will work on:

O relaxing the body

O activating groin pulse and soul gates

O opening the wind gates

O skin detox

O loosening the thoracic diaphragm

O activation of organ pulses starts with the lungs

O clearing the large intestine

O clearing the small intestine

O liver and gall bladder

O spleen, stomach pancreas

O heart and sternum

O intercostal muscles

O abdominal pelvic clearing

O kidney, ovaries and uterus 

O psoas, sciatic nerve

O work on other parts of the body

O collect energy in the navel

Since the therapist's health and energy are very important, we will also practice all these techniques on ourselves as a self-massage. We will also start each morning with Taoist Qigong and talk about a healthy gut (detox).

For CNT (Chi Nei Tsang) workshop we recommend that you eat lighter, easily digestible food for a few days before and during the course,  as this is work on the abdomen.  This is an excellent time for detox but not fasting. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate allowing them to begin collecting case studies to eventually apply to become a CNT 1 Practitioner. More information about Chi Nei Tsang: http://www.chi-nei-tsang-official-site.co

Those who would like to do exam with me (CNT 1, 2, 3 .....), let me know.

About teacher

Nataša Kovač is a certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor (school of Master Mantak Chia), Senior Teacher and practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang 1, 2,  3 (Tok Sen) and 5 (Life pulse).




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Workshop Instruction Rate

Chi Nei Tsang I        480€ *

*The price includes 2 hours of private learning or treatment with me (after the workshop).   

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Chi Nei Tsang - self-massage

We will learn about Chi Nei Tsang, the abdominal chi massage, and we will learn specifically about techniques that you can use on yourself for self-healing. We will look at how to use these techniques for general health, detox, and specific ailments and symptoms. I welcome all students who want to learn more about energy cultivation, self-healing and internal organ massage.